Medical translation

Medical translation

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The exigencies of the medical translation

The medicine is one of the fields with greater demand of translations. Constantly all type of documentation publishes itself, as much in support paper as electronic: communications, tests, information, articles, studies and magazines, in addition to prospectuses, specifications, etc.

Before a medical text, the main problem is the understanding and assimilation of the concepts. Once surpassed, the following great obstacle is the medical terminology. In addition to the own terminology of the area at issue, terminology of other related disciplines will also exist that will still more increase the complexity of the translation. Therefore, the medical text translation requires a coherent and precise use of the terminology and a style of writing adapted to each area of the medicine.

The challenge of the terminological precision and in the concepts is obtained thanks to translators with actually clinical experience.

The medical translation requires knowledge specialized in the field at issue and demands terminological high accuracy.

Expert medical translators in its field

In order to carry out the process of translation of texts and medical terms with total guarantee and to secure the best results, in our network of professionals we had medical translators and reviewers. All the professionals who take part in the medical translations count on ample experience in their field of specialization, only translate to their maternal language and, in addition to being licensed in Translation, many own degree in a medical discipline.

The medical translator highly is specialized, he only works in his field of specialization and a combination of languages. In TcmAdvisory we assigned always the same equipment of medical translators to each client. Of this form, as much the translator as the client benefits from the joint work, reducing to the maximum to the misfortunes and problems that can arise when for each project of a same client different translators assign themselves.

  • The company of medical translation
  • To select to the best company of services of medical translation is essential to reach the noticeable objectives. To have the confidence and security of which the team of professionals that is going to translate medical terms and documents is going it to realise of an excellent way means much tranquillity. You can contact online with us to know tariffs medical translations and methods of work.
  • Clinical tests and protocols
  • Prospectuses and specifications
  • Scientific articles
  • Clinical files and medical certificates
  • Cards of security
  • Practical standardses
  • Files of patients
  • Articles of investigation and notes of press

Manuals of medical equipment

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