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Legal translation

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The exigencies of the legal translation

The legal translation is probably the most complex discipline, with a high level of exigency of linguistic and legal knowledge. Each term of a legal text owns a vital importance, reason why the translator must know retail the legal concepts with which he works.

In addition, this text type has a common denominator: they will be examined retail, which increases if the necessary rigor fits. Any error in the legal translation can have very serious consequences for the company or the person that orders it, including great economic losses. The legal translation does not admit errors. It must be precise and faithful to the original one. The intervention of professionals of the right is, therefore, essential.

Another added difficulty is the existing differences between the legal orderings of the countries. The legal system of countries near Spain (France, Portugal, for example) arises from the Roman right and the differences are smaller. Nevertheless, in other countries (the United States, the United Kingdom or China) the cultural differences are majors and they are reflected in legal orderings with important differences.

Expert legal translators in right

In order to guarantee the fidelity and precision in the legal or legal translations and to be able to correctly transmit the message of the original document, our professional network of account with expert legal translators in right. All the professionals who take part in the legal and legal translations count on ample experience in the field of the Right and the majority has worked directly in the sector as lawyers. In addition, as it is norm in TcmAdvisory, they only translate to his maternal language, are licensed in Translation and many own degree in Right, in addition to counting both on exhaustive knowledge in legal orderings with which it works.

We can offer legal translations in Spanish, English, French and rest of main languages.

The differences between the legal orderings of the language origin and goal constitute the greater obstacle, of there the importance of trusting translators with experience in right and knowledge in both legal systems.

The legal translator is specialized in his field and to his backs he has been years of labor experience in the legal field. In TcmAdvisory, we tried to assign always the same equipment of legal translators to each client. Of this form, as much the translator as the client benefits from the joint work, reducing to the maximum to the misfortunes and problems that can arise when for each project of a same client different translators assign themselves.

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  • Given to the high level of professionalism and specialization required for a perfect English, French translation sworn to or any other of the main languages, to choose a company of legal translation that guarantees the excellence in its work one feels like fundamental. It contacts with TcmAdvisory to know tariffs and prices in legal translation and methodology work.
  • Contracts
  • Demands
  • Public Scriptures
  • Contracts of rent
  • Notarial powers
  • Agreements of confidentiality
  • Testaments 
  • Labor contracts
  • Legal documentation
  • Scriptures of constitution
  • Social statutes and mercantile documentation
  • Judicial and legal information
  • Licitations

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