Sworn translation

Sworn translation

Confidentiality, agility and guarantee of validity

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Sworn translation

TcmAdvisory mainly offers services of translation sworn in response to the increasing demand of demanded official translations by the public administrations, as much at national level as European. Our ample team of sworn translators assures a service to you of the maximum quality.


Characteristics of the services of sworn translation


Given the singularity of the sworn translation, in TcmAdvisory we have created a specific service of sworn translation. You will be able to find a sworn translator you are where you are, since our network of sworn translators includes all the capitals of province of Spain and the main European cities.

We helped you to advance with your legal proceedings offering confidentiality, specialization and the guarantee to you of which the sworn translation will be accepted there where it is presented.

This service especially is directed to notary's offices, writing desks of lawyers, agencies, consultant's offices, real estate and exporting companies, national as as much international, as well as to individuals. All the orders receive total confidentiality, offering to the total client transparency in the management of the services, total quality assurances, fulfillment of conditions, and a service of attention to the customized, effective and flexible client.

Specialists in sworn translations and enterprise documentation

We are specialized in translating enterprise documentation, from writings of all type to mercantile, sanitary registries, lists of credits, notarial powers, statutes, etc. The accumulated experience allows us to offer sworn translations of quality in the scopes civil and penal: personal certificates of all type (birth, death, marriage, divorce, penitentiaries, etc.), certificates of work, sentences, documentation on inheritances, etc. Also, giving answer to the enormous and increasing academic labor mobility and of the citizens worldwide, our service of translation also sworn includes the academic sector: academic diplomas, titles, certificates, doctoral theses, training programs, etc.

Translation sworn with validity abroad

The figure of sworn translator does not exist in all the countries. Therefore, the case that could occur in the country destiny they do not accept as valid a translation realised by a sworn translator named by the MAEC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation). In order to solve this situation, in TcmAdvisory we have added to our equipment a network of translators sworn credited in its country of origin, which allows us to offer a service of translation sworn with guarantee of acceptance in all the countries.

  • Company of sworn translation
  • If you are looked for a company with a professional equipment of sworn translation, TcmAdvisory is without a doubt the best option. It contacts with us to know our tariffs sworn translation and to know our methodology work.
  • Sworn translators officials and professionals of the right
  • Validity of the translations in all the countries 
  • Translators sworn credited in its country of origin
  • Agility in the management (via e-mail)
  • Advance of translations in format pdf
  • Shipments by mail deprived in 24 hours
Availability to sign confidentiality agreements
  • All the languages
  • Company
  • Financial balance
  • Letters of distribution
  • Certificates of quality, free sale
  • Sanitary certificates
  • International contracts
  • Annual accounts
  • Scriptures
  • Statutes
  • Banking extracts
  • Licitations
  • Patents and brands
  • Notarial powers
Industrial property
  • Mercantile registries
  • Civilian and Penitentiary
  • Testified
  • Certificates of birth
  • Antenuptial agreements of settlement
  • Medical certificates
  • Certificates of death
  • Certificates of marriage
  • Certificates of the cadastre
  • Labor contracts
  • Contracts of renting
  • Criminal records
  • Certificates of census
  • Demands
  • Denunciations
  • Donations
  • Permissions of work
  • Powers
  • Insurance policies
  • Testaments
Sentences of divorce
  • Judicial sentences
  • Academic world
  • Academic files
  • Homologations of title
  • Training programs
  • University titles