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General translation

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General translation

Today more than ever, in a globalised market that the possibility offers of arriving at infinity of potential clients of fast way, the exit to the outer markets and the necessity of professional translators it has stopped being an option and one has become almost the only alternative for many companies worldwide.

The present situation of the global market not only animates, but it forces to the companies to offer his products and services in the greater number of languages possible to open to the door of his business or organization to clients or international users. The document translation constitutes the route to reach its international objectives.

  • All our translators are professional native.
  • TcmAdvisory offers services of general translation for those documents of general content whose treatment and translation do not need specific technical or scientific knowledge. We work with the majority of file formats: Word, Excel, pdf, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, InDesign, FrameMaker, PHP, etc. If you have some doubt, you can contact directly with us.
  • Personal and commercial letters
  • Articles of social networks
  • Internal communications
  • Documentation of work 

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Our equipment of text correction is constituted by specialists of the sector who own a high preparation and are totally qualified to realise of satisfactory form and effective east work. They are authentic lovers of its language who count on a great capacity of writing, a deep knowledge of their language and an attention to the customized and unique client. In order to give answer to the different needs from our clients, we offer two types of services of text correction: ortotipogr¡fica correction and correction of style.

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