Financial translation

Financial translation

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The exigencies of the financial and economic translation 

The financial documentation contains a great amount of engineering datas and legal specifications and only require some financial knowledge within reach of the professionals of finances. Any error in the financial document translation or the financial or countable document translation can have serious consequences for the company, including great economic losses.

In many cases, the financial translation is intimately ligature to the legal translation. Many financial documents contain an important legal component, among them the mercantile contracts or enterprise documents.

Financial translators with experience in finances and economy

In order to guarantee the quality and precision in the financial and countable translations and to secure the best results, in our network of professionals we had financial translators and reviewers. All the professionals who take part in the financial and economic translations count on ample experience in their field of specialization and have worked directly in the sector. In addition, as it is norm in TcmAdvisory, they only translate to his maternal language, they are licensed in Translation and many own degree related to finances or the economy.

Expert translators in economy and finances with experience in its sector of activity

The financial translator highly is specialized, and to his backs he has been years of labor experience in the financial market, reason why he is of the economic and financial present time. In TcmAdvisory we tried to assign always the same equipment of financial translators to each client. Of this form, as much the translator as the client benefits from the joint work, reducing to the maximum to the misfortunes and problems that can arise when for each project of a same client different translators assign themselves.

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  • Due to the fastidiousness necessary to realise a correct financial text translation, to choose a company of countable and financial translation one feels like equal of demanding. In TcmAdvisory we counted on professional equipment of financial translation. Consultation our tariffs and methodology of work.
  • Annual accounts and memories
  • Banking documentation
  • Acts of meetings of shareholders
  • Analysis of market
  • Banking bulletins and stock certificates
  • Banking contracts
  • Countable documents and of private bank
  • Audits
  • Financial statements
  • Accounting reports and of bottoms

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