Scientific translation

Scientific translation

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The exigencies of the scientific translation

World-wide the scientific activity is continuously advancing and constantly all type of documentation publishes itself, as much in support paper as electronic: communications, tests, information, articles, studies, magazines, etc.


The scientific translation requires knowledge specialized in the field at issue and demands a especially rigorous process of translation, in which the scientific translators who take part not only are expert expert linguists but in the matter which they translate.

In addition, the precision and the fidelity to the original document have a vital importance.

Expert scientific translators in its field

In order to carry out this process of translation with total guarantee and to secure the best results, we had scientific translators, in addition to technical reviewers. All the professionals who take part in the scientific translations count on ample experience in their field of specialization, only translate to their maternal language and, in addition to being licensed in Translation, many own technical degree related to their specialty.

  • Expert translators with double formation: translation and its own scientific discipline.
  • The scientific translator highly is specialized, he is of the scientific present time and he only works in his field of specialization and a combination of languages. In TcmAdvisory we assigned always the same equipment of scientific translators to each client. Of this form, as much the translator as the client benefits from the joint work, reducing to the maximum to the misfortunes and problems that can arise when for each project of a same client different translators assign themselves.
  • Scientific manuals
  • Clinical trials
  • Doctoral theses
  • Product specifications
  • Scientific documentation
  • Cosmetic lists of credits
  • Plant health products

Plans of viability in hydrobiology

Scientific manuals