Welcome to TcmAdvisory, company of services of multilingual translation integrated by professionals of the language: translators, interpreters and correctors with ample experience in the sector. In our website you will be able to know all the details on our philosophy work, our methodology and the services that we offer. We trust that benefits of your experience with us. He knows all our services of professional translation.

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What is TcmAdvisory?

We are a company or agency of translation with headquarters. We offer an ample variety of multilingual services of translation to national and international companies. We count on a team of professionals of first level, technology of vanguard and the experience necessary to secure the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our processes of work in detail are based on an attention the well-taken care of client, the absolute respect of the downtimes, a rigorous quality control in all the phases of the process of translation and the total adaptation to the needs of our clients. 

How born is TcmAdvisory?

TcmAdvisory comes to the light in 2011, after 8 years of experience in translation and enterprise management of Luis P©rez in diverse sectors and companies of Granada, London, Milan and Madrid, and as answer to our desire to start up an own project of translation that put to the service of companies worldwide our experience and acquired knowledge.

What services we offer?

Our work consists of optimizing the communication of our clients in all slopes, through services of general translation, scientific translation, sworn translation, text correction and interpretation.

How we worked?

Luis P©rez

In TcmAdvisory we undertake each of our projects of translation from the values that they identify to us and they guide to us towards the satisfaction of our clients: professionals of the translation, reduction of costs, rapidity and fulfillment of terms, flexibility, confidentiality and customized service. In the section Methodology you will find more detailed information on our processes of work.

Our equipment

Luis P©rez

Alberto P©rez

Services of professional translation

Luis P©rez is licensed in Translation and masters in Management the International of the Company. To its experience as translator and reviewer have united his experience in the international management of companies, which conforms the suitable profile for the global management of the company, our team of professionals and the works of our clients. He knows his complete profile.

Andrew Cox

Alberto P©rez

Manager of projects.

Manuela Errico

Andrew Cox

Translator and ordered of the area of English.

Tanja Lindenmaier

Manuela Errico

Translator and ordered of the area of Italian.

Natalia Makeeva

Tanja Lindenmaier

Translator and ordered of the area of German.

Jo£o Vasconcelos

Natalia Makeeva

Translator and ordered of the area of Russian.

Jo£o Vasconcelos

Translator and ordered of the area of Portuguese.


The reasons for which they choose to us

Our pillars

For TcmAdvisory, the success of the services of translation depends on the suitable interaction of the following 4 elements, that constitute the pillars on which our philosophy of work and all our activities are based:

Linguistic capacities

Team of professionals of first level, titleholders, with ample experience and specialization in different areas. The selection of our professionals is realised by means of an exhaustive process of selection that demands a high level of linguistic capacity, formation and experience.

Technological capacity

We make use of the most recent tools of computer-assisted translation (TAO), terminological management, edition of archives and management, as well as quality control of projects.


Thanks to our team of translators with formation in different sectors from activity and from the acquired knowledge in the management of numerous projects of translation in different fields.

Customized attention

We create in the construction of a professional bond with each of our clients, with those who we communicated totally of direct and personal form, listening to them and offering help to them before, during and after each work.

To obtain to the excellence in each of these 4 pillars and their perfect combination through the coordination of resources and times gives as result a service with the distinctive characteristics of TcmAdvisory.

It knows more on TcmAdvisory in our corporative dossier.


Why we

The reasons for which they choose to us



In TcmAdvisory we loved our profession, and we took care of until the minimum detail. The quality is not our objective: it is our raison d'etre. Our objective is the total satisfaction of our clients. In the section Methodology you will be able to know more information on the matter of what we by quality understand.



We create in offering to our clients fit prices but without reduction of the quality. For it, we have created different levels from translation to respond to the different needs from each client. You can know more information in the section Languages and tariffs.



The rapidity in the communications and some short downtimes constitute for many clients their main preoccupation and exigency at the time of deciding, for that reason these aspects occupy a high-priority place for us in the management of all our projects of translation.