Service of interpretation

Service of interpretation

Fluid communication in real time
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Service of interpretation.

Professional interpreters 

The existing barriers between different languages are even made more patents in the oral communication, situation in which the time plays a crucial role. In TcmAdvisory we are totally conscious of it and, for this reason, we make your available a service of translation and interpretation that a fluid communication in real time guarantees. With the work and collaboration of a team of professional interpreters who have an ample experience in services of simultaneous interpretation, we provided a perfect communications to you in your events.

Through a team of professional interpreters and with ample experience, we will guarantee a perfect communication to you in your events.

Judicial interpreters and sworn interpreters

Our equipment of translation and interpretation counts on judicial interpreters, sworn interpreters and any other modality on watch of translation and professional interpretation that you need.

Interpreters translators

Our network of interpreters is highly qualified professional interpreters with an extensive labor trajectory in a great diversity of acts, encounter, congresses or any other event where services of interpretation are needed.

In our work party, all the members are specialistic in simultaneous interpretation and are accustomed to work in cabin in real time, consecutive interpretation and also in all type of commercial meetings.

In addition, our company of translation and interpretation, TcmAdvisory, also offer the option to facilitate to the user the equipment and of sound who are necessary with the only objective of which the event can be developed of satisfactory form.

Agency of translation and interpretation

In TcmAdvisory we make your available a great team of translators and interpreters highly preparations to offer a service to you of the maximum quality. If you look for an agency of interpretation and translation you can consult our prices and conditions.

  • Types of interpretation
  • Or by means of services of consecutive interpretation, simultaneous, bilateral interpretation or chuchotage, our agency of translation offers answer to all needs of oral communication:
  • Conferences: all type of presentations, conferences, congresses, etc.
Services public: courts, police writing desks of lawyers, schools, departments or any judicial process that he requires of a bridge between several languages.

Linguistic support: hospital, business meetings and medical consultation, informal meeting, tour, meeting of neighbor communities, attendance to fairs or any other situation that it requires of a bridge between several languages.


In the cases that require the installation and use of equipment (systems of sound, cabins, rent of rooms, etc.) necessary to take to end the event efficiently, it contacts with us.

Languages and locations