Engineering and technology

Engineering and technology

In the sectors of engineering and technology, the technical character of the documentation demands a high level of specialization to be able to offer a service of technical translation of quality to our clients entails. In order to obtain it, the following two principles must occur: to have technical translators specialized and to have realised translation projects in these areas.

Our translators have passed a rigorous process of selection, that assures that the professionals who work with us they reunite to the requirements of suitable formation and experience. In the case of the technical translation, to our translators we demanded to them, in the majority of the cases, a degree or labor experience in its discipline of work. Thus, between our specialized translators we had engineers, computer science, mechanical, architects and other professionals of engineering and the technology.

In addition to the technical profile of our translators, it is necessary that, as translation agency, we have carried out works in this sector.

Precision in the concepts and the terminology, writing adapted to the specialty and to stay to the day of the technological new features conforms the characteristics of our technical translators.

The sectors of engineering and technology include numerous areas, from the renewable energies to the construction, aeronautics, automotion, machinery, computer science security, telecommunications, etc.

The accumulated experience in the works of translation realised in the sectors of engineering and technology contributes a vital baggage to us to continue growing as company and improving the quality of our services. The best test of this experience is the opinion of our clients, who continue trusting us from the first moment.

All the professionals who take part in the technical translations count on ample experience in their field of specialization, only translate to their maternal language. The technical translator highly is specialized, he is of the technological new features and he only works in his field of specialization and a combination of languages.

  • In TcmAdvisory we assigned always the same equipment of technical translators to each client. Of this form, as much the translator as the client benefits from the joint work, which is reflected in translations every time of greater quality.
  • Next, we showed some to you of the areas in which we worked. In each of them we have satisfied experience and clients who trust us.
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