The woman translator and the 8 of March
woman translator 8 of March

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08 Sea 2018

The woman translator and the 8 of March

Today 8 of March the D­a Internacional of the Woman is celebrated and in Spain the date comes accompanied from a new force and illusion, through a call of strike and different manifestations by all the country.

In TcmAdvisory, we want to thank for all the professionals (translators, interpreters, reviewers and revisers) that works with us their great work and contribution that we continue growing as translation company. 74% of the linguists of TcmAdvisory are women, reason why it is clear that the success of our agency depends, mainly, of the work of the feminine professionals.

The profile of the translators freelance allows that these can carry out their work from house. This, without a doubt, contributes to reduce the sort discrimination, since to the professional it is judged to him exclusively by his yield, without considering other aspects as the personal or familiar situation. We can say, also, that the tariff differences in the world of the translation are smaller (we do not dare to say that they do not exist) that in other sectors. In TcmAdvisory, by all means, we do not make any differentiation by any personal, familiar reason nor for sort.