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Text correction

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Text correction

The communication constitutes one of the most decisive factors in the success or failure in any scope of our lives. As much great companies as retail stores, public or publishing administrations, need that their written communications (as much printed as electronic) offer to their adressees the maximum possible quality.

To take to end a good communicative work is a basic and unnegotiable condition if you want that your message arrives correctly at the public. From the above the service of revision and correction of texts becomes factor differentiator.

It obtains the highest possible linguistic quality level for your academic and enterprise documents.

TcmAdvisory, company of text correction

In TcmAdvisory we are specialized in improving the quality of the communications of our clients through services of professional text correction.

Our equipment of text correction is constituted by specialists of the sector who own a high preparation and are totally qualified to realise of satisfactory form and effective east work. They are authentic lovers of its language who count on a great capacity of writing, a deep knowledge of their language and an attention to the customized and unique client. In order to give answer to the different needs from our clients, we offer two types of services of text correctionortotipogr¡fica correction and correction of style.

In the drop-down ones located to the right you will find all the necessary information on these two functions, in order that you choose the one that more is adapted to your requests.

With the equipment of text correction that, from our company, TcmAdvisory, we make your available, we guaranteed the highest possible linguistic quality level to you for your academic and enterprise documents.

Text correction in English and Spanish

  • The service of ortotipogr¡fica correction is available in the main languages, whereas the service of correction of style is only available in English and Spanish.
  • If you are looking for a company of services of text correction, TcmAdvisory is, without a doubt, the best option. Consultation our terms and runtimes.
  • Marketing, publicity and communication
  • Tourism
  • Novel and tests
  • Scientific and divulging articles
  • Webpages
  • Catalogues and manuals
Legal and administrative documentation

Press releases, political agendas, communications

Ortotipogr¡fica correction

Text correction basic: One is a careful reading to detect and to correct all the errors of spelling, grammar, semantics, score, use of capital letters and small letters, errata, uniformity of format (titles, subtitles, paragraphs, use of abbreviations), etc.

Obt©n an impeccable, correct text, organized and of fluid reading.

Available in all the languages.

Correction of style

Text correction superior: Superior of text correction is a level, that includes the tasks of orthographic, ortotipogr¡fica and grammar correction, and deepens in the substantial improvement of the text. The expression and intratextual coherence are corrected and improved, and the parts of the document are reorganized.

Obt©n a text corrected from all the points of view of the linguistic one, respecting your specific requirements.

Available in English Spanish and.