Legal and economic area 

Legal and economic area 

The legal and economic translation (or financier) is probably the most complex discipline, with a high exigency of linguistic and legal-economic knowledge. Each term of a legal text owns a vital importance, reason why the translator must know retail the legal concepts with which he works. Another added difficulty is the existing differences between the legal orderings of the countries. 

In the case of the legal translation, one becomes almost essential to have translators with formation in right or labor experience in this field. Our process of selection of translators considers this premise at the time of selecting to the legal professionals better preparations.

The economic or financial documentation contains a great amount of engineering datas and legal specifications and only requires some financial knowledge within reach of the professionals of finances. Any error in the translation can have serious consequences for the company, including great economic losses. In many cases, the financial translation is intimately ligature to the legal translation.

The legal and economic profile of our professionals and our years of experience assures the maximum rigor in all our legal and financial translations.

Our translators have passed a rigorous process of selection, that assures that the professionals who work with us they reunite to the requirements of suitable formation and experience. In the case of the legal and economic or financial translation, to our translators we demanded to them, in the majority of the cases, a degree or labor experience in its discipline of work. Thus, between our specialized translators we had lawyers, accountants, professionals of the bank, investors, notaries and other professionals of the right and the economy.

  • The accumulated experience in the works of translation carried out in the legal and economic sectors contributes a vital baggage to us to continue growing as company and improving the quality of our services. The best test of this experience is the opinion of our clients, who continue trusting us from the first moment.
  • In addition to the legal and economic profile of our translators, it is necessary that, as translation agency, we have carried out works in this sector.
  • Judicial resolutions
  • Annual accounts and memories
  • Acts of meetings of shareholders
  • Banking bulletins and stock certificates
  • Banking contracts
  • Audits and financial statements
  • Accounting reports and of bottoms
  • Information of business, investment and results
  • Contracts and demands
  • Public Scriptures and notarial powers
  • Testaments
  • Scriptures of constitution
  • Social statutes and mercantile documentation
  • Judicial and legal information